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Hosiery Tips & Hints

This is a list of assorted articles we did as a feature in a local newspaper, some of them many years ago. As we dig up more we will be adding to the list. Enjoy.
Support Hosiery: Why wear Support Hosiery?
 Your legs work hard, carrying you through your busy days. The steady pumping of blood helps keep them healthy and fit. Since the legs are far below the heart, the blood, called venous blood, actually flow uphill through the veins to the heart. A system of valves facilitates this flow. Long periods of standing or weight gain (commonly associated with pregnancy) can cause the valves to malfuntion. Instead of the blood flowing uphill, the blood gets absorbed into the valve. This increased pressure on the veins can result in fatigue, aching or swelling of legs and feet, as well as the infamous varicose veins. Here is where support or graduated compression hosiery comes in. This type of hosiery compresses the surface veins, forcing the blood into the deep vein system. This allows the blood to flow and takes the pressure off your legs. Results: relief of the fatigue, aching and swelling.
There are four different types of support hosiery. Light support such as Hanes and Calvin Klein for those just starting to experience this problem. Standard support such as Berkshire or good support such as Hanes Alive for those who find it necessary to wear support hosiery on a regular basis. Heavy support such as ComfoMed for those who are experiencing the problem on a more advanced level. Whatever your needs, support hosiery can make a world of difference for your feet !
Kids Tights:
 I grew up in upstate New York where the winters meant two things, cold and colder. My mother had a strict rule, tights all winter. How we hated those tights. They sagged, they bagged, and they only came in white! Many things changed since then, 1) Lycra 2)Colors 3) Patterns. Number one is lycra because it makes the tight hug the feet (no more wrinkles by the ankles). Number 2 is colors. Almost every company makes a nice navy, and most of the colors in the rainbow (yes, grey too). There is a match for every dress, skirt or jumper. Last is the patterns, with teddy’s, flowers, squirrel’s, stripes or argyles. Besides perking up any uniform, they’re also warm, durable (hand me down quality), and have a heel & toe for a perfect fit.
I was racing the clock trying to get supper finished before the kids came home. My two year old was clamoring for attention. I made a quick calculation and figured it's worth letting her "do the dishes". I might have a flood, but at least supper will be on time. That's when the idea struck me, I'll put her on a smock with a plastic lining (see the shoemaker doesn't go barefoot) and at least she'll stay dry. The benefits of a "smock with a lining" are terrific. How many times did food land on your kids clothes, and the stain never came out, or breakfast land on the uniform before "THE BUS". How about Sunday morning "projects? Washable markers," glue, paint, whatever the creation a portion of it usually makes its way onto the clothes. Spare yourself the scrubbing and put them on a smock. They are machine washable, but put them in a mesh bag first otherwise the plastic may rip.
The Hosiery Drawer:
One of the hardest drawers to organize, is the hosiery drawer. That’s because there are so many classifications. There’s the “emergency pairs” that have a small run, the tights you used before you lost all those pounds. And of course a complete assortment of supports, sheers, knee his, maternity, light opaques...the list goes on and on. Here are a few tips on keeping your drawer in order. The old adage “when in doubt, throw it out” should be your first criteria. Has anyone actually used that emergency pair? Probably not. Five minutes before you leave to the wedding your rolling and unrolling pair after pair until you find one in good condition. In the future when you buy a new pair of hosiery, save the package. After they come out of the wash, rewrap your pantyhose the way they came. The next time you will be able to choose color, size, and style right away. Hardly a week goes by that a customer doesn’t tell me that they confuse “the blacks and the Navy’s” the best idea so far is to buy to separate brands (i.e. Hanes black, Ralph Lauren navy). Great! you arranged your drawer! Now you can take all those extra pairs and put them to use. Maybe we’ll tackle the junk drawer next.
Light Opaques:
The most common question heard this time of year: "What's the most recommended summer weight?" The everyday opaque which everyone lived in all winter are just too heavy for the summer months. Sheer pantyhose are light but they do tend to rip very easily, making them inconvenient for everyday use. Our recommendation would be a light opaque. It will provide the durability you deserve and is light weight enough to be comfortable in the summer months. Most companies that manufacture heavy opaques also manufacture light opaques so you can still stick with your favorite company and get the fit you need! Hanes makes a Microfiber Light Opaque, Calvin Klein puts out a Soft Opaque, Levante produces the Gaude 30 denier, while Berkshire manufactures the Opaque Shimmers. As for color choices go you have your pick of year round colors such as navy and black to match your dark clothing. For the lighter summer colors such as the pales, the mints and beiges may we suggest a light opaque in a neutral beige tone! It's the best summer color manufactured by Berkshire and it will surely coordinate with your summer wardrobe.
Itchy Feet:
Everyone knows that athletes foot is not limited to athletes. The term was coined because athletes are more prone to infection. They wear sneakers which don’t allow the foot to breath as well as leather shoes. Many boys have athletes foot, and once it comes, it’s hard to get rid of. In general, you can help prevent athletes foot by keeping feet clean and dry (puddle jumping is not a good idea). It is essential to wear cotton blend socks. The higher the cotton, the better it will absorb sweat. Stay far away from any shoe or sneaker that is not leather. The problem with 100% cotton socks is that they wear out to quickly. The ideal sock is mostly cotton with some synthetic fiber for durability, and lycra for stretch. If your son has athletes foot already, it is important to keep the feet dry. Apply the medication as prescribed. If possible, don’t wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row. Give shoes a 24 hour break between wearing to air and dry out.